Harry Truman and His Cabinet Signed Photograph.

Harry Truman Signed Cabinet

Harry Truman and His Cabinet Signed Photograph.

TRUMAN, Harry S.


Item Number: 67008

Signed photograph of President Harry S. Truman and his Cabinet meeting on August 10, 1945, after the Japanese Surrender. Photograph is signed in the order the men are sitting, left to right: Secretary of Agriculture Clinton Anderson; Secretary of Labor Lewis B. Schwellenbach; National Housing Agency Chairman John B. Blandford, Jr.; War Production Board Chairman Julius Krug; War Mobilization Director John W. Snyder; Office of Economic Stabilization Director William H. Davis; Foreign Economics Administrator Leo Crowley; Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace; Under Secretary of the Interior Abe Fortas; Postmaster General Robert Hannegan; Secretary of War Henry Stimson; Secretary of State James Byrnes; President Harry S. Truman; Secretary of the Treasury Fred Vinson; Attorney General Tom Clark; Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal. Matted and framed. Rare and desirable.

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