"The Allied Armies, through sacrifice and devotion and with God's help have wrung from Germany a final and unconditional surrender": Proclamation of Nazi Germany’s Surrender; Signed by Harry Truman

  • A Proclamation.

A Proclamation.


Item Number: 4419

Washington, D.C: May 8, 1945.

Large three-colored broadside of Harry Truman’s Proclamation declaring the surrender of Germany. Signed in ink by Harry Truman. Also included at the lower left is the original 1945 Christmas card from the President and Mrs. Truman and at lower right, the original red, white and blue ribbon. These were presented by the President as gifts for friends. Uncommon, especially with the original Christmas card and ribbon. Matted and framed, which measures 21 inches by 28 inches.

"On the day before Hitler’s suicide, all German troops in Italy laid down their arms. On May 4th, German forces in Holland, Denmark and northwest Germany surrendered to British Field Marshall Montgomery. On the 6th, Donitz authorized General Alfred Jodl to ‘conclude an armistice agreement’ with General Eisenhower. The Germans wanted a separate peace with the allied troops in the West in order to continue their battle with the Russians in the East. Eisenhower would have none of it. He ordered the Germans to surrender unconditionally the next day. The Germans acquiesced, signing the surrender document on May 7th The cessation of fighting took effect at 11:01 P.M. on May 8th" (Georges Blond).

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