• Extremely Rare Signature of Charlotte Bronte

    Bronte, Charlotte.

    Charlotte Bronte Signature.

    Extremely rare ink signature of Charlotte Bronte. Signed “yours faithfully, C. Bronte” on an off-white 3 inchess by .75 inches slip irregularly clipped and affixed to a larger scrapbook page. The page bears the signatures of several other notable British writers, including novelist and Bronte biographer Elizabeth Gaskell, Elizabeth M. Sewell, Margaret Gatty, Jean Ingelow, and Mary Martha Sherwood, as well as an address panel in the hand of Elizabeth Eastlake. Double matted and framed with a lithograph of Charlotte Bronte. The entire piece measures 18.5 inches by 21.5 inches. Exceptionally rare. 

    Price: $12,500.00

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  • Ian Fleming Autographed Letter Signed to Spy Antony Terry

    Fleming, Ian.

    Ian Fleming Autographed Letter Signed.

    Autographed letter signed by Ian Fleming to journalist and spy Antony Terry of the British Press Centre. On Kemsley House letterhead, dated 9th July 1951. It reads, ”I attach a copy of my final letter to Michael Parker, from which you will see that his application to Mr. Neville Berry only received consideration from me since Parker intended to move to Munich. Naturally, I do not want anyone else accredited to the British Zone, and I leave it to you in case Parker calls to clarify his mind on the point. Meanwhile, please accept my further congratulations on the splendid service you continue to give to us and which is greatly appreciated by all editors. It also gives me much pleasure to hear from time to time what a fine reputation you are building up in Germany. A high opinion of your work is undoubtedly held by everyone who matters in the British Zone. I hope you have a splendid holiday Yours ever Ian Fleming.” In near fine condition. The letter measures 8 inches by 10 inches. Matted and framed opposite a photograph of Fleming. The entire piece measures 16.5 inches by 18.5 inches.

    Price: $4,800.00

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  • Signed Document From Marie 'de Medici

    'de Medici, Marie.

    Marie de Medici Signed Document.

    Letter signed by Marie ‘de Medici. Signed “Marie,” dated September 12, 1613. Letter to M. de Bouthwoud, the president of the Parliament at Rouen, ordering him in the name of her son to convene and supervise the convocation of the Parliament. At this time Marie de Medici was regent for her son, Louis XIII, who was nine years old. A rare and desirable piece from the influential Medici, featuring a large, prominent signature. In excellent condition with only light toning and wear. The document measures 8.25 inches by 12.5 inches. Double matted and framed opposite a photograph, the entire piece measures 20 inches by 18.75 inches.

    Price: $3,000.00

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  • Maurice Ravel Signed Autograph musical quotation signed and an autograph letter signed

    Ravel, Maurice.

    Maurice Ravel Autographed Signed Letter and Signed Musical Quotation.

    Autograph musical quotation signed and an autograph letter signed by Maurice Ravel. The quotation, 3 bars from his Chansons madécasses, notated on a two-stave system, with holograph title, lyrics, tempo directive and instrument labels. The letter in French is addressed to “My friend”, in French, stating that he received his note when leaving Geneva and mentioning two places he might be when he returns at Christmastime, dated Paris 15 December 1928 With Hotel D’Athènes” stationery. Both matted and framed together with a commemorative medallion. The entire piece measures 19 inches by 27 inches. A striking piece, rare and desirable.

    Price: $9,800.00

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  • Rare Michael Faraday Signed Letter with a Carte-de-visite

    Faraday, Michael .

    Michael Faraday Autograph Letter Signed.

    Autograph letter signed by Michael Faraday to William Coffin answering a question regarding the chlorate reaction with sulfuric acid, “or oil of vitriol,” in gunpowder. Addressed to William Coffin, it reads, “R[oyal] Institution, January 1, 1849, My dear Sir, I conclude you mean the acid which fires gunpowder – not directly but through the medium of the Chlorate mixture that and is as far as I know the strength liquid Sulfureum and or out of Vitriol. Ever Truly Yours, Michael Faraday.” Matted and framed opposite a carte-de-visite of Faraday by John Watkins. The entire piece measures 11.25 inches by 14.25 inches.



    Price: $5,800.00

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  • Mohandas Gandhi Autographed Letter Signed

    Gandhi, Mohandas K.

    Mohandas K. Gandhi Autographed Letter Signed.

    India: 26 March 1934.

    A historically significant autographed signed letter from Mohandas Gandhi, written at the height of the independence movement in India, in response to the devastation of the Nepal-Bihar earthquake, and requesting help from a British friend. The 8.0 magnitude earthquake which struck on January 15, 1934, was one of the worst in the history of Nepal and the northern Indian state of Bihar. Gandhi writes to Sam Higginbottom in response to an offer of aid, “Dear Friend: Your letter has given me great joy. I take you at your word. Come, see the afflicted area and tell us (1) how best and cheaply we can clean our choked wells, (2) how we can house the homeless, (3) how drain water-clogged areas, (4) how remove the sand which covers our fair fields. These are but samples of the work in front of us. Of course the gov’t and the people are working in unison. But you know my regards for your expert knowledge. Even if you do not show us anything new, I personally will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have seen the area… I leave tomorrow morning with Rajendra Babu to visit balance of the area yet unseen by me. But you may come independently of me… I return to Patna on 4th prox. evening and leave for Purnea and thence for Assam on the 7th proximo… Very sincerely, M. Gandhi.” The recipient of the letter Sam Higginbottom, was an Englishman who lived in Allahabad, India, where he founded the Allahabad Agricultural Institute. While in India, he developed close friendships with Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. The letter is on both sides of a single sheet, with a portion of the original envelope, addressed in Gandhi’s hand and with canceled stamp, affixed to the bottom of the letter. In very good condition. Housed in a custom folding case. An exceptional piece of history.

    Price: $15,000.00

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  • Autographed Signed Letter From The Father of the State of Israel Theodor Herzl

    Herzl, Theodor.

    Theodor Herzl Autograph Letter Signed.

    Autograph letter signed by Theodor Herzl in German. It reads, “Wien, 9 March 1903 Dear Madam, I am writing a few lines to your brother immediately, which will, I hope, set his mind at rest. I will send them special delivery to the hospital. Unfortunately I am so overloaded with work today, that I cannot go and see him myself. Your faithfully, Herzl.” On “Neue Freie Presse” stationery. In near fine condition. Double matted and framed opposite a photograph of Herzl. The entire piece measures 15 inches by 16.5 inches.

    Price: $2,800.00

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