First Edition of Thomas C. Schelling's Strategies of Commitment; Inscribed by Him

  • Strategies of Commitment and Other Essays.

Strategies of Commitment and Other Essays.


Item Number: 77549

Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2006.

First edition of this collection of essays by the Nobel Prize-winning economist. Octavo, original cloth. Inscribed and dated by Thomas C. Schelling on the title page. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

All of the essays in this new collection by Thomas Schelling convey his unique perspective on individuals and society. This perspective has several characteristics: it is strategic in that it assumes that an important part of people's behavior is motivated by the thought of influencing other people's expectations; it views the mind as being separable into two or more parts (rational/irrational; present-minded/future-minded); it is motivated by policy concerns--smoking and other addictions, global warming, segregation, nuclear war; and while it accepts many of the basic assumptions of economics--that people are forward-looking, rational decision makers, that resources are scarce, and that incentives are important--it is open to modifying them when appropriate, and open to the findings and insights of other social science disciplines.

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