Two Margaret Mitchell Signed Letters

  • Margaret Mitchell Signed Letters.

Margaret Mitchell Signed Letters.


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Two letters signed in full by Margaret Mitchell, author on the classic Gone With the Wind. Both letters addressed to Rear Admiral Edward J. Marquart and his wife, one dated December 26, 1941, the other December 19, 1942, each with their original envelopes; both letters refer to the commissioning of the U.S.S. Atlanta.

The U.S.S. Atlanta was commissioned at the New York Navy Yard in Brooklyn on 24 December 1941. In the second letter, Mitchell says, in part, "My trip through the Navy Yard was a heartening affair and, during this past year when I have sometimes heard people talking in depressed fashion of how far behind the enemy America's production is, I have risen up and stated, 'If you could have seen what I saw at Brooklyn you would have no fears for our future victory."

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