• Books, Books, Books

Books, Books, Books

Books. Am I right?


They help you sleep at night.


They open doors to new worlds.


Doors you didn’t even know were there to be opened.


And sometimes windows too.


They light up the mind.


And create a foundation of knowledge.


And after all, knowledge is power.


Books answer life’s greatest questions.


The more you read, the more you keep reading.


Some might even say […]

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  • Quotes on Collecting Books

Quotes on Collecting Books

Your library is your sanctuary filled with the objects you love most in the world – your books. A great book collection can take a lifetime complete, and best of all, it is completely unique and entirely your own. Some refer to the rooms that hold their book collections as their personal “heaven” or “cocoon,” […]

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  • Building your library

Building your library

When it comes to building a personal library or collection, sometimes people’s choices on what to collect are shaped by the style of the homes they live in, the bookshelves they build, or the ones that were already built into the home. If you are a new collector, this might be the case. Those who […]

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