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  • “Never test another man by your own weakness": First Edition of Joseph Conrad's Lord Jim; Inscribed by Him

    CONRAD, Joseph.

    Lord Jim.

    New York: Doubleday & McClure Co, 1901.

    First American edition of one of Conrad’s finest novels. Octavo, original cloth. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, “Signed for Richard Curle by Joseph Conrad this 24 January 1920.” Laid into this volume is also a letter from Curle, dated November 11th, 1922, which begins, “I saw in a catalogue a copy of a book signed to me by Conrad and thought to discover how it had got there…” Curle was a Scottish author, traveler and bibliophile and was a frequent correspondent of Conrad’s, for whom he acted as an assistant during the novelist’s later years. In excellent condition with some minor toning to the spine and light wear to the extremities. Housed in a custom half morocco clamshell box. An exceptional association copy, most rare and desirable signed and inscribed and with noted provenance.

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  • First Edition in English of "One of the Most Important Texts of the Twentieth Century" Martin Heidegger's Being and Time; Signed by Him

    HEIDEGGER, Martin.

    Being and Time.

    New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1962.

    First edition in English of the book that “changed the course of philosophy” (Richard Rorty). Octavo, original cloth. Signed by Martin Heidegger on the front free endpaper. Fine in a very good dust jacket with some wear to the rear panel. Translated by John Macquarrie and Edward Robinson. Housed in a custom half morocco clamshell box. Exceptionally rare signed, as no signed examples have appeared at auction in the last 50 years.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • Rare Carl Sagan Archive including twenty notes and letters signed by him; from the collection of Sagan's Executive Assistant Shirley Arden

    SAGAN, Carl. [Shirley Arden].

    Carl Sagan Archive.

    c. 1974-1985.

    Extensive archive of papers, letters, notes, magazines, articles, press kits and portfolios containing the work of Carl Sagan, including twenty letters and notes signed by him and some additionally by his wife Ann Druyan. From the collection of Sagan’s Executive Assistant, Shirley Arden, who was instrumental in Sagan’s success and handled all travel arrangements and publications in his most illustrious years which saw the Viking landings on Mars, the Cosmos television series, and the Voyager mission. Sagan’s biographer, Keay Davidson, used many of the documents in Arden’s archive as sources for his 1999 biography: Carl Sagan: A Life. Ann and Carl dedicated their book Comet (1995) to Arden, and she acted as the matron of honor in their wedding. In fine condition. An exceptional collection offering unprecedented insight into one of the most incredible periods of modern astronomy and its leading voice.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • “Don't you know that everybody's got a Fairyland of their own?”: Rare First Edition of Mary Poppins; Signed by P.L. Travers


    Mary Poppins.

    New York: Reynal & Hitchcock, 1934.

    First American edition of this children’s classic. Octavo, original cloth, illustrated with 27 line cuts (13 full-page) and chapter tailpieces by Mary Shepard. Boldly signed by P.L. Travers on the front free endpaper. Very good in a very good dust jacket with some light rubbing and wear. Housed in a custom half morocco clamshell box. Rare and desirable signed.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • Rare First Edition of Cerf and Kahn's A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication; Signed twice by Each

    CERF, Vinton G. and Robert E. Kahn .

    A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication.

    New York: IEEE, 1974.

    First edition of this landmark paper. IEEE Transactions and Communications, Volume Com-22, Number 5, May 1974, pages 589–733. Quarto, original wrappers. Signed by both Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn on the front panel and also at their contribution in the article. In near fine condition with some light touch up to the front panel, rebacked. Housed in a custom clamshell box. Rare, especially signed.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • "One of the most groundbreaking and influential novels of all time—and one of the best": First Edition of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange; Inscribed by Him Using his real and pen name To His Physician

    BURGESS, Anthony.

    A Clockwork Orange.

    London: Heinemann, 1962.

    First edition of Burgess’ landmark novel. Octavo, original black boards, titles to spine in gilt. Association copy, inscribed by the author under his legal name and pen name on the front free endpaper in the year of publication, “To Dr McMichael—a substitute appendix from John B. Wilson “Anthony Burgess” June 1962.” The recipient, John McMichael had treated Burgess’ wife after a suicide attempt, and the author would later dedicate his 1966 novel Tremor of Intent to him. Near fine in a near fine first issue dust jacket with the wide flaps. Jacket design by Barry Trengrove. Housed in a custom clamshell box. Jacket design by Barry Trengrove. This is the first example we have seen or heard of bearing his real name; an exceptional example.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • First edition of Economics: An Introductory Analysis; Inscribed by Paul A. Samuelson to Fellow Economist Gottfried Haberler

    SAMUELSON, Paul A.

    Economics: An Introductory Analysis.

    New York: McGraw-Hill, 1948.

    First edition of this landmark work in modern economics. Octavo, original cloth. Association copy, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper to fellow Harvard economist, Gottfried Haberler in a contemporary hand, “To Gottfried with best regards from Paul.” Samuelson was in Haberler’s first Harvard class in 1936. Haberler was an Austrian-American economist who worked in particular on international trade. One of his major contributions was reformulating the Ricardian idea of comparative advantage in a neoclassical framework, replacing the outdated labor theory of value with the modern opportunity cost concept. With Haberler’s Harvard University’ stamp and American Institute stamp above Samuelson’s inscription. Housed in a custom half morocco clamshell box. A significant association copy linking these two great economists of the twentieth century and inscribed in a first printing, most likely at the time of publication, as this title went through multiple printings in the first year.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • "One of the most important crime novels of the 20th century": First Edition of The Postman Always Rings Twice; Signed by James Cain

    CAIN, James M.

    The Postman Always Rings Twice.

    New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1934.

    First edition of one of the most important crime novels of the twentieth century, adapted as a motion picture seven times. Octavo, original cloth. Boldly Signed by James M. Cain on the front free endpaper. Near fine in a near fine dust jacket with light rubbing to the crown. Housed in a custom half morocco clamshell box. A very nice example, rare and desirable signed.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”: Rare Nikola Tesla Autographed Letter Signed

    TESLA, Nikola.

    Nikola Tesla Autographed Letter Signed.

    Autographed letter signed by brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla. The letter reads, “New York, July 30th, 1898. #46 & 48 E. Houston Str. Snowden Ward, Esq., Editor of the Photogram, 6 Faringdon Ave., London, Engl. Dear Sir:- I have your favor of July 23rd, and regret not to be able to oblige you in the matter at present. It will give me pleasure to comply with your request at the next favorable opportunity. Believe me to be, Yours very truly, N. Tesla.” The recipient, Snowden Ward was an English photographer and author, who produced several periodicals and technical handbooks on photography in collaboration with his wife, accomplished American photographer Catharine Weed Barnes. A photograph of Nikola Tesla’s hand was featured as the frontispiece to the August 1898 volume of The Photogram, annotated “The hand of Nikola Tesla, taken by his wonderful artificial daylight, just perfected. This is the first photograph made by the light of the future.” The following issue in September revisited the subject with an lengthy interview with Tesla in which he explained his experimentation with phosphorescent vacuum tube lights and photographic exposures in great detail. This correspondence was likely in regards to Tesla supplying this interview. Double matted and framed. The entire piece measures 18 inches by 22.5 inches. Letters signed by Tesla are rare.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • "All my time is now taken up with very pressing work and I can only hope for a more favourable opportunity": Exceptionally rare autograph note signed by Nikola Tesla

    TESLA, Nikola.

    Nikola Tesla Autograph Note Signed.


    Rare autograph note signed by and entirely in the hand of brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla. On Waldorf Astoria letterhead, the letter is dated December 2, 1904 and reads in full, “Dear Mrs. Dodge, Please accept my thanks for your kind thought. I’m very sorry to miss the pleasure yesterday. All my time is now taken up with very pressing work and I can only hope for a more favourable opportunity. Yours sincerely, N. Tesla.” From 1900 to 1922, Tesla resided at the Waldorf Astoria and made the rounds of New York looking for investors for what he thought would be a viable system of wireless transmission using electrical energy, wining and dining them at the hotel’s famed Palm Garden, Players Club and Delmonicos. In March of 1901, he was successful in obtaining $150,000 from J.P Morgan in return for a 51% share of any generated wireless patents and so began the race between Tesla and rival Guglielmo Marconi to develop the first wireless transmitter, a race Tesla would lose in December of that same year when Marconi successfully transmitted the letter ‘S’ from England to Newfoundland using a radio-based system. In fine condition. Exceptionally rare and desirable.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • Rare First Edition of John Locke's Second and Third Letter Concerning Toleration

    LOCKE, John.

    Second Letter Concerning Toleration and A Third Letter for Toleration.

    London: Awnsham and John Churchill, 1690, 1692.

    First editions of both volumes of Locke’s Second and Third Letter Concerning Toleration. Two volumes bound in one. Octavo, contemporary calf, rebacked. In excellent condition with the text clean contents clean, except for light browning, rebacked. From the library of James Stonhouse with his signatures and armorial bookplate. Exceptionally rare.

    Price: $20,000.00

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    CAPOTE, Truman.

    Breakfast At Tiffany’s. A Short Novel and Three Stories.

    New York: Random House, 1958.

    First edition of Capote’s seductive, wistful masterpiece. Octavo, original cloth. Association copy, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper to George Plimpton, “For George Love Truman.” Capote and Plimpton became close friends in the early 1950’s in Brooklyn Heights, New York. In 1953 Plimpton became editor of the Paris Review, known for its signature lengthy, tape-recorded oral interviews. Upon the publication of Capote’s In Cold Blood in 1966 he produced The Story Behind a Nonfiction Novel, a detailed and intimate portrait of Capote and the story behind his latest work. Plimpton later published a full-length biography in 1997, Truman Capote: In Which Various Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances and Detractors Recall His Turbulent Career, that combined the voices of some of Capote’s closest friends and colleagues into a telling portrait of the iconic author, reminiscent of his quintessential portrait of New York: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Fine in a near fine dust jacket with light toning and wear. Jacket design by Ismar David. An extraordinary association copy.

    Price: $20,000.00

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    GREENE, Graham (Ian Fleming).

    A Visit To Morin.

    London: Heinemann, 1959.

    First edition of this short story by the award winning-author. Octavo, original green cloth. Limited to 250 copies. Association copy, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper to Ian Fleming and his wife, “For Ian + Anne Fleming with all good wishes for the grim season from Graham Greene Christmas 1960.” Fleming once named Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Eric Ambler and Graham Greene as his primary literary influences. Although Fleming considered the novels in his James Bond series to be classified more as spy thrillers than as literature, he aspired to create “thrillers designed to be read as literature.” Greene, himself, divided his work into two distinct categories: ‘entertainments’, or thrillers with often philosophic edges, and ‘novels’ on which he hoped his literary reputation would come to rest. The inspiration for much of Greene’s ‘entertainments’ came from his own professional experience in the British Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as M16, which he was recruited into by his sister and was posted to Sierra Leone during WWII. Fleming is known to have based his character James Bond on Greene’s fellow WWII M16 officer Wilfrid “Biffy” Dunderdale, who served as M16’s man in Paris and was later a personal friend of Fleming’s whom he described as a a man of great character with a penchant for fast cars and pretty women. Near fine in a very good dust jacket with a stray pen mark to the front panel and some smudges. A magnificent association copy between two of the greatest spy novelists of the twentieth century. Housed in a custom half morocco clamshell box.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • Complete Set of First Editions of Isaac Leeser's Discourses on the Jewish Religion

    LEESER, Isaac.

    Discourses on the Jewish Religion.

    Philadelphia: Sherman & Co, 1866-68.

    First editions of one of the ‘major builders of American Judaism’, Isaac Leeser’s Discourses on the Jewish Religion. Octavo, 10 volumes, bound in full leather, gilt titles to the spine, raised bands. In near fine condition. Complete sets are of the utmost rarity.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • One of the Earliest Calligraphic Works by Thomas Merton

    MERTON, Thomas.

    Thomas Merton Original Calligraphic Artwork.

    Original signed artwork from Thomas Merton. In the last decade of his life, while living as a hermit-monk in dialogue with the world, Thomas Merton created a body of visual art, drawing from the Zen Buddhist tradition. When he was a student at Columbia University, Merton sought out a Hindu monk named Bramachari for counsel. The monk advised Merton to follow his own Christian tradition to find what he was most deeply looking for. A strong admirer of Gandhi, Merton also noted how Gandhi, a Hindu, had found a congenial ‘ second home’ of sorts in the Christian Sermon on the Mount. In the 1950’s Merton began exploring Buddhism, especially Zen Buddhism. He thought he found some resonance between Zen and the Desert Fathers. Merton sent a copy of his study of the Desert Fathers to Daisetsu Suzuki, the leading exponent of Zen in the west. They began a long correspondence in the late 1950’s, and Suzuki’s influence can be seen in Merton’s artwork. Includes a letter from activist W.H. Ferry, which reads, “4/3/68 For Mary Sue Dilliard: Daisetsu Suzuki told Father Tom Merton in 1965 that the only way finally to understand Zen was to practice calligraphy. This is the result: one of Tom’s earliest calligraphs. W.H. Ferry.” On the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions letterhead, which Ferry was the Vice President. Matted and framed, which measures 13 inches by 15 inches. Calligraphy drawing measures 9 inches by 12.5 inches. On the verso of the frame, it includes various Merton material including numerous clippings. Original artwork by Merton is exceptionally rare in the marketplace.

    Price: $20,000.00

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  • “I know who I am and who I may be, if I choose": Deluxe illustrated Ibarra Edition of Don Quixote


    El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha: Nueva Edicion, Corregida Por La Real Academia Española.

    Madrid: Don Joaquin Ibarra, 1780.

    The deluxe illustrated Ibarra edition of Cervantes’ masterpiece “which is to Spanish literature what Shakespeare is to English” (Bloom). Quartos, 4 volumes. Bound in full contemporary Spanish tree calf with gilt titles and tooling to the spine, red morocco spine labels, gilt ruled borders, marbled endpapers, all edges green, engraved frontispiece to each volume and 31 engraved plates throughout, 2-page folding engraved map of Don Quixote‘s travels to the rear of volume 1. Spanish printer Joaquín Ibarra made several important technical developments in press printing, book-making, typography and paper-making. In his printed work, Ibarra sought to achieve a perfect flow of harmonious type, inks, illustration, margins, and textures. He worked with the best painters and engravers of his time and, based on a secret formula he developed, the Ibarra ink gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and brilliance. The present volume was printed on “ex profeso” paper with melted types of “ex novo” on the pages, both of which Ibarra created in his Madrid workshop specifically for this project. In near fine condition with bookplates to the pastedown of each volume from the Royal Military College, small library stamps. An excellent example of both Cervantes’ and Ibarra’s best-known works.

    Price: $20,000.00

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