Nadine GordimerNadine Gordimer was a famous South African writer and political activist, using her talents to help shed light on moral and racial issues. She was known for her involvement in HIV/AIDS causes as well as the anti-apartheid movement. She was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1991.

Nadine Gordimer was born outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1923. Her parents were both immigrants from outside of South Africa and Gordimer experienced repression from the government from an early age. At age 25, Gordimer moved to Johannesburg where she began taking classes and writing. Her first publication Face to Face was a collection of several of her early stories. Gordimer first became recognized and brought to the mainstream when her story “A Watcher of the Dead” was accepted into the New Yorker.

Nadine Gordimer, A World of Strangers, First Edition, Signed, Rare Book

Nadine Gordimer’s A World of Strangers
Signed First Edition

Gordimer became active in politics and the anti-apartheid movement in 1960. She is even known to have edited Nelson Mandela’s “I Am Prepared to Die” speech. Her work in anti-apartheid led the South African government to ban two of her books for over a decade. The Late Bourgeois World , and A World of Strangers were both banned for their political themes. We have two first editions of Gordimer’s second novel that are both signed by the author on the title page. You can view them here.

In 1974, Gordimer wrote The Conservationist, which went on to win the Booker Prize. We have an excellent first edition of this novel which is signed by the author on the title page.

In 1979, Gordiner wrote the novel Burger’s Daughter. This famous novel follows a group of white anti-apartheid activists in South Africa, seeking to overthrow the South African government. This book was also banned in South Africa for a period of time. We carry two first editions of Burger’s Daughter, both signed by the author on the title page. You can view them here.

Gordimer died peacefully at age 90 on Monday, July 14th, 2014. Her legacy, body of work, and support of causes in South Africa will never be forgotten.

We also have first editions of My Son’s Story, On The Mines, Echoes of an Autobiography. View all of Nadine Gordimer’s works that we carry here.