Virginia Woolf Autograph Letter Signed to Clive Bell.

Rare autograph postcard signed by Virgina Woolf to Clive Bell

Virginia Woolf Autograph Letter Signed to Clive Bell.

WOOLF, Virginia.

Item Number: 95203

Rare original postcard handwritten and signed by influential British novelist Virginia Woolf to her brother-in-law Clive Bell. The postcard reads, “Perugia 16th May Do you remember Perugia, Mugliston, & the lady who fell out of the train? Here we are. V.W.” In September of 1908, Virginia Woolf accompanied her sister Vanessa, brother-in-law Clive, and their first child Julian to Italy and France. It was during this time that Virginia’s longstanding rivalry with her sister escalated and her flirtation with her sister’s husband, Clive, began. The reciprocal flirtation lasted on and off from 1908 to 1914, by which time her sister’s marriage was near its end. The postcard was likely written during Woolf’s 1927 trip to Italy with her husband, Leonard Woolf. Double matted and framed with a photograph of Woolf. The entire piece measures 16.5 inches by 11.75 inches.

One of the most important modernist 20th century authors, British novelist Virginia Woolf became a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device. Woolf became one of the central subjects of the 1970s movement of feminist criticism, and her works have since garnered much attention and widespread commentary for "inspiring feminism", an aspect of her writing that was unheralded earlier. Woolf's best known works include Mrs. Dalloway (1925), To the Lighthouse (1927), The Waves (1931).

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