First Edition of Values of Non-Atomic Games; Inscribed by Nobel Prize winning-economist Robert Aumann

  • Values of Non-Atomic Games.

Values of Non-Atomic Games.


Item Number: 45076

Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1974.

First edition of this “first class contribution to the field of game theory” (Oskar Morgenstern). Octavo, original cloth. Inscribed by Robert Aumann on the title page. Fine in a near fine dust jacket.

The "Shapley value" of a finite multi- person game associates to each player the amount he should be willing to pay to participate. This book extends the value concept to certain classes of non-atomic games, which are infinite-person games in which no individual player has significance. It is primarily a book of mathematics--a study of non-additive set functions and associated linear operators.

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