"An absorbing account of man's first powered flight...the account of an adventure as breath-taking as man's journey to the moon": First edition of Twelve Seconds to the Moon; Signed by American aviation pioneer Jimmy Doolittle and the first man to touch the moon, Astronaut Neil Armstrong

  • Twelve Seconds To The Moon: A Story of the Wright Brothers.

Twelve Seconds To The Moon: A Story of the Wright Brothers.

Item Number: 81254

Dayton: The Journal Herald, 1978.

First edition of this retelling of the Wright Brothers’ historical first flight. Quarto, original pictorial cloth, illustrated. Signed by American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the book’s illustrator Milt Caniff, the two surviving members of the Wright family, Horace A. Wright and Ivonette Wright Miller, and inscribed by American aviation pioneer Jimmy Doolittle, “To Jerry Myer: With kindest personal regards, Jim Doolittle.” Signed at the National Aviation Hall of Fame banquet held in Dayton, Ohio in 1979, at which all historic members of American aviation were present. A unique piece linking three eras of American aviation.



Written by two Dayton Ohio journalists, Twelve Seconds to the Moon takes a fresh approach to retelling the story of the Wright Brothers' stories. As Rosamond Young states in the book's introduction, "There have been other books written on the Wright Brothers. We felt this book should be different. We wanted it to emphasize their humanity...History teachers have drummed into us the events of that chilly, windy day December 17, 1903...But what led up to the flight and what happened after that? What of the brothers' dreams and visions, joys and sorrows, victories and defeats, concerns for fame and fortune?"