The Essence of Stigler.

First Edition of The Essence of Stigler; Inscribed by George Stigler

The Essence of Stigler.

STIGLER, George; Edited by Kurt R. Leube; Thomas Gale Moore; Foreword by W. Glenn Campbell.


Item Number: 43009

Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 1986.

First edition. Octavo, original cloth. Inscribed by the economist, “To Dick Ware with my best wishes George Stigler.” The recipient Richard A. Ware served under President Richard Nixon as acting assistant secretary of defense and who was later appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the Board of Foreign Scholarships. He was later named president of the Earhart Foundation, which is an American private charitable foundation that funded research and scholarship. It was founded in 1929 by oil executive Harry Boyd Earhart. Also, included is a letter from Thomas Sowell to Dick Ware mentioning how Stigler played a vital role in his life. In fine condition.

George Stigler was an economist, the 1982 laureate in Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and a key leader of the Chicago School of Economics. His most important contribution to economics was disseminated in his landmark article titled "The Economics of Information". According to Friedman, Stigler "essentially created a new area of study for economists." In this article, Stigler stressed the importance of information by writing, "One should hardly have to tell academicians that information is a valuable resource: knowledge is power. And yet it occupies a slum dwelling in the town of economics."

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