“My happiness is not the means to any end": First Edition of Ayn Rand's Anthem

  • Anthem.



Item Number: 81162

Los Angeles: Pamphleteers, Inc, 1946.

First edition, first issue; published in a complete issue of The Freeman Volume III, Number I. Octavo, original wrappers as issued. Foreword by Leonard E. Read. In near fine condition with a touch of rubbing.

"The most lyrical of any of her work, the most abstract and stylized in its literary method. It has the beauty and cadence of a prose poem" (Branden, 14). Highly controversial from its inception, Anthem was published in England in 1938 after it was refused publication in the United States. It would not be published in America until Pamphleteers, Inc. brought it to press in 1946 in pamphlet form. However, even with only the British edition available, readers worldwide came to embrace Rand's anti-Collectivist themes and her elevation of the word "Ego" above all others.

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