First Edition of Stable Money; the the original publishers slip signed by Irving Fisher laid in

  • Stable Money.
  • Stable Money.
  • Stable Money.

Stable Money.


Item Number: 96551

New York: Adelphi Publishers, 1934.

First edition of Fisher’s classic treatise. Octavo, original blue cloth. Laid in is the original publisher’s slip which reads “In recognition of pioneer support of the movement for a Stable Measure of Value. Copy no. 660 of the first edition of Stable Money: A History of the Movement is inscribed to Fenton Lawson.” The slip is signed by Irving Fisher. In near fine condition. An exceptional example.

Irving Fisher was one of the greatest economists of the twentieth century making important contributions to utility theory and his work on the quantity theory of money inaugurated the school of economic thought known as "monetarism." Milton Friedman called Fisher "the greatest economist the United States has ever produced." Some concepts named after Fisher include the Fisher equation, the Fisher hypothesis, the international Fisher effect, and the Fisher separation theorem.

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