Security Analysis: Principles and Technique.

"The Bible Of Investing"; First Edition of Graham and Dodd’s Security Analysis

Security Analysis: Principles and Technique.

GRAHAM, Benjamin & David L. Dodd .


Item Number: 139398

New York: Whittlesey House/ McGraw Hill Book Company, 1934.

First edition of Graham and Dodd’s seminal work, considered the Bible of modern financial analysis. Octavo, original cloth. In near fine condition.

Continuously in print through five editions, for more than 80 years, and with nearly a million copies sold, Security Analysis is indisputably the most influential book on investing ever written. Known as the investors' bible, it is as frequently consulted today as it was when it first appeared in 1934. The original words of Benjamin Graham and David Dodd--put to paper not long after the disastrous Stock Market Crash of 1929--still have the mesmerizing qualities of rigorous honesty and diligent scrutiny, the same riveting power of disciplined thought and determined logic that gave the work its first distinction and began its illustrious career.

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