Second edition, early printing of Russell and Whitehead's work on the foundations of mathematics: Principia Mathematica

  • Principia Mathematica.
  • Principia Mathematica.
  • Principia Mathematica.

Principia Mathematica.


Item Number: 95199

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1950.

Second edition, early printings of all three volumes of Russell and Whitehead’s monumental work. Octavo, three volumes, original cloth. The work was originally published in 1910, 1912, and 1913 and appeared in a second edition with an important Introduction to the Second Edition, an Appendix A that replaced ✸9 and all-new Appendix B and Appendix C. Near fine in rare original price-clipped dust jackets which are in very good condition.

Probably named after Isaac Newton's great work, "Principia Mathematica was Whitehead and Russell s detailed account of their logicist thesis that mathematics could be derived solely from logical concepts and by logical methods [it] has had an influence, direct and indirect, of near Newtonian proportions upon the spheres of its chief influence: mathematical logic, set theory, the foundations of mathematics, linguistic analysis and analytical philosophy" (Grattan-Guinness, p. 89). "Whether they know it or not, all modern logicians are the heirs of Whitehead and Russell" (Palgrave, p. 20).

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