Autograph Document Signed By Supreme Court Justice John Marshall

  • John Marshall Autograph Document Signed.

John Marshall Autograph Document Signed.


Item Number: 12080


Autograph Document Signed by John Marshall as Supreme Court Justice. The document is regarding a real estate transaction and is written in its entirety in Marshall’s hand. It reads, “I have agreed with Mr. George Johnson to cancel the contract I have made with him for the sale and purchase of the tract of land in the manor of lands which I sold to him. The money I have received to be given up by him and all claim to back rents given up by me. I will give him a lease for the land for his life, with the same covenants as in the old lease (as mentioned below). Paying one hundred dollars per annum on the first day of January in each year to commence or the first day of January 1829 and to pay the taxes on the said land. J. Marshall Aug. 22, 1829. If the old lease should not contain a covenant for the preservation of timber and against the sale of it I shall insist on such a covenant I shall stipulate against.” In very good condition with scattered toning. A well presented piece with a photograph of John Marshall and particularly interesting, as many of Marshall’s most unmistakable cases as both attorney and Justice concerned land and land debate. Matted and framed.

John Marshall was the longest-serving Chief Justice and the fourth longest-serving justice in U.S. Supreme Court history. He dominated the Court for over three decades and played a integral role in the development of the American legal system. Most notably, he reinforced the principle that federal courts are obligated to exercise judicial review, by disregarding purported laws if they violate the constitution and cemented the position of the American judiciary as an independent and influential branch of government.

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