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In the Wind: Peter, Paul, and Mary LP.

Item Number: 976

Warner Brothers, 1963.

First Pressing. Signed by Peter Yarrow in silver. In near fine condition. A beautiful signed piece. Their classic recording of Dylan’s Blowin in the Wind. Interestingly, their recording did as much for Dylan’s career as it did for PP&M’s, for, while it sealed their image as the troubadours of the ’60s civil rights movement, it helped position the then-little-known Dylan as the voice of a generation. Other highlightsin this album include their gorgeous interpretation of Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” as well as spirituals, a lullaby, and even a Civil War ballad. It may all seem quaint now, but when this LP reached No. 1 in 1963, only weeks after John F. Kennedy’s assassination the folk music was in full throttle.