First Edition of Imagined Worlds; Signed by Freeman Dyson

  • Imagined Worlds.

Imagined Worlds.


Item Number: 15057

Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1997.

First edition. Octavo, original half cloth. Signed by Freeman Dyson on the title page. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

Imagine a world where whole epochs will pass, cultures rise and fall, between a telephone call and the reply. Think of the human race multiplying 500-million fold, or evolving new, distinct species. Consider the technology of space colonization, computer-assisted reproduction, the "Martian potato." One hundred years after H. G. Wells visited the future in The Time Machine, Freeman Dyson marshals his uncommon gifts as a scientist and storyteller to take us once more to that ever-closer, ever-receding time to come.

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