Illuminated Lord's Prayer by O. Frances Rhinelander

  • Illuminated Manuscript: The Lord’s Prayer.

Illuminated Manuscript: The Lord’s Prayer.

Item Number: 26037


Vellum illuminated leaf. Artist’s signature and dated on inside of the rubricated opening letter “O. Frances Rhinelander.” Complete piece measures 14 inches by 16 inches, with the image 11 inches by 12 inches, corner to corner.  In near fine condition. Text and decoration: “Our Father Who Art In Heaven…”   fourteen lines in gothic script preceded by a three line heading in gold, with an  illuminated initial “O.”  Scribe and Artist: Sister Olive Francis Rhinelander (d. 1943). Initial O, decorated with a gilt, presents a Crowned Lord  seated amid golden candles and stars, cloaked in red, holding an open book, above and before bands of color. Border has a standing Jesus and 7 angels, each bearing a different iconic image.