Ian Fleming Autographed Letter Signed to Spy Antony Terry

  • Ian Fleming Autographed Letter Signed.

Ian Fleming Autographed Letter Signed.


Item Number: 20093

Autographed letter signed by Ian Fleming to journalist and spy Antony Terry of the British Press Centre. On Kemsley House letterhead, dated 9th July 1951. It reads, ”I attach a copy of my final letter to Michael Parker, from which you will see that his application to Mr. Neville Berry only received consideration from me since Parker intended to move to Munich. Naturally, I do not want anyone else accredited to the British Zone, and I leave it to you in case Parker calls to clarify his mind on the point. Meanwhile, please accept my further congratulations on the splendid service you continue to give to us and which is greatly appreciated by all editors. It also gives me much pleasure to hear from time to time what a fine reputation you are building up in Germany. A high opinion of your work is undoubtedly held by everyone who matters in the British Zone. I hope you have a splendid holiday Yours ever Ian Fleming.” In near fine condition. The letter measures 8 inches by 10 inches. Matted and framed opposite a photograph of Fleming. The entire piece measures 16.5 inches by 18.5 inches.

As foreign manager of the Kemsley newspaper group's Sunday Times, Ian Fleming hired Antony Terry to be posted abroad. Terry had experience and expertise in German culture from his youth and service in World War II, making him an ideal man for the job in Berlin. Utilizing this legitimate news organization as a cover, Fleming also ran an intelligence outfit known as Mercury which used foreign correspondents to gather information in sensitive foreign zones. A highly desirable letter from the career that later inspired Ian Fleming's James Bond novels.

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