"I am Eloise and I am six": First Edition of the 60th Anniversary of Eloise; Signed by illustrator Hilary Knight

  • Eloise: The Absolutely Essential 60th Anniversary Edition.

Eloise: The Absolutely Essential 60th Anniversary Edition.


Item Number: 5601

New York: Simon & Schuster, 2015.

First edition of the 60th Anniversary edition of Eloise. Slim quarto, original boards. Signed and dated in the year of publication by illustrator Hilary Knight. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

"I am Eloise. I am six", So begins the start of the famed first book by Kay Thompson's "Eloise". "At rehearsals of her act with the Williams Brothers, Thompson (who was a professional singer) prized punctuality. Then one day she was late. In a high, childish voice that she had never used before, she made her apology. One of her co-workers said, ‘Who are you, little girl?’ Thompson replied, ‘I am Eloise. I am six.’ The others joined in the game, each assuming a juvenile identity, and it became a regular rehearsal pastime" (New York Times). A book soon followed, three more were soon released.

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