"The story of the West is inspiring and terrible, idealistic and bloody, sublime and atrocious": P.B. Socci sketch of Clayton Moore; signed by Clayton Moore

  • Clayton Moore Signed P.B. Socci Sketch.

Clayton Moore Signed P.B. Socci Sketch.


Item Number: 89129

Rare graphite artist’s sketch of American actor Clayton Moore as “The Lone Ranger.” Signed by Clayton Moore. Additionally signed by the artist, P.B. Socci. Active in the mid 1970s, American artist Pat B. Socci gained a reputation for seeking out Hollywood icons to sign his sketched portraits. The drawing measures 11 inches by 8 inches.

American actor Clayton Moore was best known for his starring role as the Lone Ranger on the 1950s television series of the same name. The series' running plot involved the exploits of a mysterious former Texas Ranger, the sole survivor of a six-Ranger posse ambushed by a gang of outlaws, who roamed the West with his Native American companion Tonto. The series became the highest-rated program to that point on the fledgling ABC network and its first true hit.

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