Original Silver Gelatin Print Signed twice by South African Photographer Jürgen Schadeberg

  • Benni “Banjo” Mrwebi Silver Gelatin Print Signed.
  • Benni "Banjo" Mrwebi Silver Gelatin Print Signed.

Benni “Banjo” Mrwebi Silver Gelatin Print Signed.


Item Number: 96522


Rare silver gelatin print of Benni “Banjo” Mrwebi. Signed by the photographer Jurgen Schadeberg below the image and inscribed by him on the verso, “Benni “Banjo” Mrwebi. Joh’burg 1953 Jurgen Schadberg.” Benni Banjo, also known as ‘Gwigwi’, was a multi-talented clarinet, alto saxophone player, band leader, showman and clown. Gwigwi was leader of the Harlem Swingsters in the 1950’s. In fine condition. The photograph measures 10.75 by 13.75 inches.

South African photographer and artist Jürgen Schadeberg moved to South Africa in 1950 where he became one of the few white photographers to photograph daily life among the black community. As a result, he became knowledgeable about black life and culture and captured on film the beginnings of the freedom movement, the effects of apartheid and the vibrancy of township life. Schadeberg photographed many historic and pivotal events in the 1950s among them the Defiance Campaign of 1952, the 1956 Treason Trial, the Sophiatown removals of 1955, the Sophiatown jazz and social scene, the Sharpeville funeral of 1960 and pictures of Robben Island inmates. Some of the famous people he photographed include Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Trevor Huddleston and Govan Mbeki.

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