Rare autograph note signed by founding father Benjamin Franklin

  • Benjamin Franklin Autograph Note Signed.

Benjamin Franklin Autograph Note Signed.


Item Number: 95320

Autograph note signed by American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, “I your most obedient & most humble servant B Franklin.” Affixed to a large original engraved portrait of Frankiln, printed in Paris, 1778. In very good condition. Double matted and framed. The entire piece measures 20 inches by 15.25 inches. Rare and desirable.

Benjamin Franklin earned the title of "The First American" for his early and indefatigable campaigning for colonial unity, initially as an author and spokesman in London for several colonies. As the first United States Ambassador to France, he exemplified the emerging American nation. Franklin was foundational in defining the American ethos as a marriage of the practical values of thrift, hard work, education, community spirit, self-governing institutions, and opposition to authoritarianism both political and religious, with the scientific and tolerant values of the Enlightenment. In the words of historian Henry Steele Commager, "In a Franklin could be merged the virtues of Puritanism without its defects, the illumination of the Enlightenment without its heat." To Walter Isaacson, this makes Franklin "the most accomplished American of his age and the most influential in inventing the type of society America would become."

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