Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Apprehension of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Rare Autograph Letter Signed by the captors of President John F. Kennedy's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald

Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Apprehension of Lee Harvey Oswald.

KENNEDY, John F. (Gerald L. Hill.

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Rare autograph letter signed by the four captors of President John F. Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Two pages, dated November 22nd 1963 and addressed to Chief of Police Mr. J.E. Curry, the letter reads in part, “Subject: Apprehension of suspect in the Death of the President of the United States and Officer J. D. Tippit Sir: At 1:18 P.M. on Friday, November 22, 1963, Sergeant C.B. Owens and Seargant G.L. Hill were at Elm and Houston Streets, investigating the shooting of the President…We contacted several witnesses after obtaining a description of the suspect as a white male, 25-30, 165 pounds, bushy hair, 5’6”, wearing a white jacket, white shirt, and dark trousers, a search area was started…Minutes later, we received additional information that the suspect was in the Texas Theater. Several officers answered the call, and in the process of checking the occupants of the theater, Officer MacDonald approached the center-section of the third row from the back. As he started to search another suspect, he observed the arrested party sitting in the third seat. As he approached this suspect, the suspect said, “This is it”, and sprang from his seat. Officer MacDonald began to grapple with the suspect and the suspect got his hand on the gun that was stuck inside his shirt…the suspect pulled the trigger once and the gun snapped, but did not fire. Officers Caroll, Hutson, Walker, Hawkins, Hill, Sgt. H.H. Stringer, Captain W.R. Westbrook, and F.B.I Agent Bob Barrett, Paul Bentley and others aided in the arrest; and after a struggle in which the suspect resisted violently he was disarmed and handcuffed.” Signed at the conclusion by Sergeant of Police Gerald L. Hill, Investigator Ray Hawkins, Detective Paul Bentley and Patrolman M.N. MacDonald. In fine condition. Matted and framed. The entire piece measures 24.5 inches by 17.5 inches. A fascinating piece, offering unprecedented insight into the tragic historic event.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated on November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m. in Dallas, Texas, while riding in a presidential motorcade through Dealey Plaza. Kennedy was fatally shot by former U.S. Marine Lee Harvey Oswald firing in ambush from a nearby building, who was arrested by the Dallas Police Department 70 minutes after the initial shooting. After a ten-month investigation, the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald assassinated Kennedy and that Oswald had acted entirely alone. The assassination has been the subject of widespread debate and has spawned numerous conspiracy theories and alternative scenarios. Polls conducted from 1966 to 2004 found that up to 80 percent of Americans suspected that there was a plot or cover-up.

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