“In art, immorality cannot exist. Art is always sacred”: Autograph Letter Signed by auguste rodin one day before the opening of his first and most important exhibition in paris, france

  • Auguste Rodin Autograph Signed Letter.

Auguste Rodin Autograph Signed Letter.


Item Number: 36010

Autographed letter signed by August Rodin on Exposition A. Rodin Place de l’Alma letterhead. In full: “Hui madame, Oui demain matin l’exposition vers 11 heures. Je serai bonne heure de vour in. Affectueusement,  Rodin” which translates as: “Dear Madame, Yes, tomorrow morning the exposition starts at 11 am. At the right moment, I will see it. Affectionately, Rodin.” Written the day before the opening of Rodin’s first solo exhibition in France at the Pavillion de l’Alma in Paris, a space specially built for the exhibition in 1900 to coincide with the Exposition Universelle, or Paris World Fair. Matted and framed with a photograph portrait of Rodin and one of his clay-sculpted female nudes. The entire piece measures 14.5 inches by 20.75 inches.


French sculptor Auguste Rodin is generally considered to be the progenitor of modern sculpture. Recognized for his unique ability to model a complex and expressive model in clay, Rodin's work was highly criticized throughout his lifetime as it clashed with the predominant figurative sculpture traditions of the late 19th century which were defined by a decorative and formulaic approach. Departing from traditional figuration informed by the classic Greek and Roman tradition, Rodin's figures were modeled with realism and expressed the unique character and physicality of the individual model. With the opening of his first exhibition in Paris, Rodin became a world-renowned artist with a variety of high-profile clients and remains one of the few and best known sculptors of the 20th century.

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