First Edition of The Arabs in History; Inscribed by Bernard Lewis

  • Arabs In History.

Arabs In History.


Item Number: 4085

London: Hutchinson's University Library, 1950.

First edition. Octavo, original cloth. Signed by Bernard Lewis on the title page. With the compliments of Bernard Lewis note laid in. Very good in a very good dust jacket with some toning to the spine.

For more than 50 years, Lewis has strived mightily and successfully to explain the cultures and histories of Middle Eastern peoples to Western readers. The task of writing a political history of the region has already been fulfilled by him and by many others. In his latest work, Lewis has chosen to accentuate the social, economic, and cultural changes that have occurred over 20 centuries. He ranges from seemingly trivial concerns (changes in dress and manners in an Arab coffeehouse) to earth-shaking events (the Mongol conquest of Mesopotamia) in painting a rich, varied, and fascinating portrait of a region that is steeped in traditionalism while often forced by geography and politics to accept change. "... enormously influential history ... after reading 'Gibbon on Muhammad', it is tempting to speculate that Lewis's long-standing interest in the eighteenth-century historian may have influenced his own ambition to scan grand horizons, his taste for irony and his unmistakably elegant literary style"-(Robert Irwin).

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