Rare autograph letter signed by theologian Albert Schweitzer

  • Albert Schweitzer Autograph Quote Signed.

Albert Schweitzer Autograph Quote Signed.


Item Number: 95229

Autograph quote signed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer. The quote reads, “Only at quite rare moments have I felt really glad to be alive. I could not but feel with a sympathy full of regret all the pain that I saw around me, not only that of men but that of the whole creation. From this community of suffering I have never tried to withdraw myself. It seemed to me a matter of course that we should all take our share of the burden of pain which lies upon the world.” Signed by Schweitzer beneath the quote. In fine condition. Double matted and framed with a portrait of Schweitzer. The entire piece measures 14 inches by 17.5 inches. A unique example, rare and desirable signed by the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Albert Schweitzer was a German, and later French, theologian, organist, philosopher, physician, and medical missionary. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952 for his philosophy of "Reverence for Life", becoming the eighth Frenchman to be awarded that prize. From 1952 until his death he worked against nuclear tests and nuclear weapons with Albert Einstein, Otto Hahn and Bertrand Russell.

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