First Edition of Freeman Dyson's Advanced Quantum Mechanics; Lengthily Inscribed By Him

  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics.

Advanced Quantum Mechanics.


Item Number: 45078

New Jersey: World Scientific, 2007.

First edition. Octavo, original illustrated boards. Lengthily inscribed by the author on the half title page, “For ___ ______ I am concerned with the origin of life as a scientific problem, not as a philosophical or theological problem. Freeman Dyson.” In near fine condition.

Renowned physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson is famous for his work in quantum mechanics, nuclear weapons policy and bold visions for the future of humanity. In the 1940s, he was responsible for demonstrating the equivalence of the two formulations of quantum electrodynamics - Richard Feynman's diagrammatic path integral formulation and the variational methods developed by Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonoga -showing the mathematical consistency of QED. This volume comprises the legendary lectures on quantum electrodynamics first given by Dyson at Cornell University in 1951. The late theorist Edwin Thompson Jaynes once remarked, "For a generation of physicists they were the happy medium: clearer and better motivated than Feynman, and getting to the point faster than Schwinger".

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