Signed by Elie Wiesel

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A Vanished World.

Item Number: 1183

New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1983.

First edition of the re-issue of photographer’s classic work. Signed by Elie Wiesel, who contributed the foreword. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

Roman Vishniac's A Vanished World is an extraordinary record of the lives of German and Eastern European Jews in the years immediately preceding the Holocaust. Vishniac, a Russian Jew, began to take photographs of village life during World War I, when Russian Jews who lived near the front were accused of being German spies and were deported to Siberia. He later moved to Germany, where he witnessed the horrible events of Kristallnacht and the anti-Jewish legislation that allowed Hitler to declare his enemies stateless and therefore unworthy of international protection. As we study Vishniac's photographs--a surviving fraction of the more than 16,000 he took--we are aware that we are seeing the faces of those soon to die, witnessing a world that has all but perished.