People Reading

People Reading

People Reading

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to make the time to sit down with a new book. And what could be more inspiring than seeing young minds and famous icons doing just that? Here are some of our favorite images of other people reading:

1. George Clooney showcasing one of the best combos of all time: a good book and a glass of wine.

George Clooney reading books

2. Liz Taylor, even more beautiful with a book in her hands.

Liz Taylor Reading Books

3. This little boy, living with and loving books.

Kids reading books

4. Dali reading DALI. So meta.

Dali reading Dali

5. Walt Disney reading about cinema.

Walt Disney reading

6. Reading with friends.

people reading with cats

7. Ginger Rogers, fully absorbed.

Ginger Rogers reading a book

8. A boy sitting amid the ruins of a London bookshop following an air raid on October 8, 1940, reading a book titled “The History of London.”

Little boy reading History of London

9. Johnny Depp reading without a care in the world.

Johnny Depp reading books

10. And last but not least, pure book-heaven.

book heaven

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