20 of Our Favorite Libraries

20 of Our Favorite Libraries


20 of Our Favorite Libraries

Libraries can be anything from private sanctuaries to ancient halls of knowledge, as long as they’re filled with books. Take a look at the wonder of these 20 beautiful libraries located everywhere across the world.

1. The Uris Library at Cornell University, New York.

Uris Library Cornell University Rare Books

2. American Entrepreneur Jay Walker’s Private Library. It was so important, the house had to be designed and built around it.

Jay Walker Private Library Rare Books

3. The visual center of the Stuttgart City Library with its flawless modern design.

The Stuttgart City Visual Center Modern Library

4. A sun-soaked home library in Belgium.

private Belgium library

5. The University of Washington reading room, which actually looks a lot like the Great Hall in Harry Potter!

University of Washington reading room

6. A private library in California with an amazing view.

California library rare books

7. Morgan Library & Museum in New York, NY.


8. Private library designed by architecture firm, Ilai.


9. St. Florian Library, Austria.


10. Trinity Library in Dublin.

Trinity Library in Dublin rare books

11. German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s home library.

Karl Lagerfeld home library rare books

12. The George Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

George Peabody Library Johns Hopkins University

13. Iowa State Law Library in Des Moines.


14. An innovative library staircase designed by Levitate Architects in London.

London library staircase

15. The Gothic Study in Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.

Gothic Study in Hearst Castle

16. A filmmaker’s private library in Seattle.

filmmaker's library in Seatte

17.Melk Monastery Library in Melk, Austria.

Melk Monastery Library in Austria

18. This cozy secret library with beautiful chairs.

Cozy private library rare books

19. New York Public Library underground levels.

New York Public Library

20. And the Iwaki Museum of Picture Books for Children in Fukushima, Japan.

Childrens picture book library

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